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Alcohol Detox

A Center for Addiction Recovery provides on-premises medically supervised alcohol detox. Our experienced physicians and nursing staff are available 24/7 to make alcohol detox safe and as comfortable as possible. Clients are comforted by learning how their bodies react to the removal of substances and are engaged in Biosound® Therapy. This biofeedback therapy utilizes choreographed imagery, music, vibrations and binaural beats to induce a natural meditative state. Delivered in a comfortable bed this therapy promotes well-being by teaching the practice of deep-breathing and the engagement of positive thoughts. The purpose of Biosound® Therapy is to teach clients relaxation techniques so that they are better equipped to control their minds and bodies during treatment.

Evidence-based techniques to help diminish and alleviate the discomfort of alcohol detox:

  • Evaluation for medical issues that may impact the treatment process
  • Biosound® Therapy at our Serenity Lounge
  • If necessary, administration of medications to counteract symptoms
  • Balanced diet planned by a licensed nutritionist
  • Ongoing Assessment following alcohol detox

Beyond Alcohol Detox

After completing the alcohol detox process clients enrolled in our all-inclusive inpatient alcohol rehab program start attending therapy. Private, small gender specific and general mixed group therapeutic services is offered daily. If a client’s recovery is compromised by trauma, we offer Rapid Resolution Therapy with Dr. Jon Connelly. In addition we provide an intensive family recovery program to engage and prepare families for the challenges ahead.

Our all-inclusive inpatient alcohol detox program combines the best of Western bio-medical care, psychotherapy and Eastern holistic complementary therapies. The holistic approach we advocate requires a coordinated, multi-disciplinary effort with all our practitioners liaising weekly, sometimes daily to ensure seamless integration of all therapies involved.

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